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The Teng Ensemble, August 18th & 19th 2017

The Chinese character 鼟 (teng) is an untranslatable word for a sound similar to that of a drum. The Teng Ensemble’s music is similarly difficult to characterise, intended to be contemporary, innovative, visionary, urban, and a blend of East and West, old and new, much like the city of Singapore from which the group hails. […]

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Macam-Macam Asean, 29th-30th July 2017

In its first week, the George Town Festival starts with a bang. Part of the line-up includes Macam-Macam Asean, an arts and crafts market packed with entertainment. What better way to celebrate South-East Asia’s amalgam of culture and heritage than with a locally produced smorgasbord of creative products, modern twists on traditional performing arts and […]

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