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Koay Sheng Tat, Pomegranate and Mango

Tropical Fruit Fest , Until July 7th 2018

Artistic portraits of fruit date back 3000 years to Ancient Egypt. Fruits may act as representations of the ephemeral nature of human existence. When portrayed as fresh and ripe, the fruit stands as a symbol of abundance, fertility, youth and vitality, whereas a fruit in a state of decay resembles our undeniable mortality and the inevitability […]

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Faces, Sculpture Exhibition, Until June 23rd 2018

Opened this past weekend, the new exhibition at Keeni Kessler Gallery is definitely worth a visit. The nine sculptures on display demonstrate technical and artistic capability rarely seen. The welding is of impeccable quality and Aboud has successfully manipulated a material which is notoriously difficult to work with into sculptures of fluid imagination.      […]

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“Coming Around” Art Exhibition, Until July 31st 2018

Charles Stephen Ramachandran is a man of many talents. The freestyle artist from Penang in his exhibition “Coming Around” makes a solid statement with 40 heartily humorous acrylic on canvas paintings, proving how sometimes it is better to paint by heart and not by sight! The exhibition, hosted by G Art Gallery- G Hotel Gurney, […]

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penaigre poster

Penaigre-o-Rama, A Celebration of Vinyl and Vintage, April 21st 2018

Contemporary Arts Centre complex Hin Bus Depot will be given over to a one day celebration of vinyl records and all things vintage on Saturday April 21st, in conjunction “World Record Store Day” which recognises independent record stores all over the world with parties, in-store performances and special releases. KL-based vinyl record collective Diskosantan will […]

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Character Types, Until April 28th 2018

In certain cultures, the written word is the ruler of all art forms. The way the characters interact, and their shapes, may represent the personality of the writer or even the moral timbre of a society. Languages have enjoyed such privileged status in the arts throughout history. In their early works, Picasso and Braque used […]

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