Give it up for Tiffany Choong and her smart, classy, fascinating array of faultlessly executed artworks in her first ever solo art exhibition “Treasure of a Straits Chinese” at the G Art Gallery, on the first floor of the G Hotel Gurney. The thematic continuity of the show wows the audience as they walk through paintings that demand maximal effects of emotion and visual excitement, via minimal means. The artist seeks to express themes of identity and cultural heritage through her own personal experience and how beautifully courageously she has done so.

As you wander around this new exhibition at G Hotel you realize that most of the works are painted in black and gold using acrylic and oil on canvas, and this sharpens the focus on the subject, heightens the sense of drama that comes through the painting and adds a sense of perspective to the pieces as a whole. This effect adds an

Flutter your wings and fly

extra depth and detail, compelling the audience to pay attention to details they probably would not have noticed in full colour paintings.


You will be astonished at how exquisitely detailed the pieces are. The posture of the dragonfly in “Flutter your wings and fly”, the crest feathers of the cockatoo in “Garden of Eden”, and the beautifully painted dragon tail in “ Live by the sun, love by the moon” to name but a few. Many, more pieces are painted with details so delicate that you will find it hard to take your eyes off of them. As opposed to some exhibitions where the artist only puts the name of the piece and the price next to the artwork, Tiffany Choong has so generously shared the inspiration behind every piece next each painting, only to help you understand the driving force behind each creation.  

Garden of Eden



Born in Penang, Tiffany Choong grew up in a complex household of strong Chinese traditions, but that did not stop her from seeing life from a different perspective. She has studied and worked in the UK, France, Tanzania and Singapore and these experiences offered her more than just a change of location. She takes her inspiration from nature; her art is created with passion that comes from the heart and pays a tribute to her Straits-born Chinese ancestors and heritage. What may be the result of that? I’m happy you asked! The result is a body of work that is both simply beautiful and accessible.

Live by the sun, love by the moon




The free spirited artist is set to continue to impress with her artist prowess and her colourful personality that resonates through her masterpieces. “Treasures of a Straits Chinese” was launched on 1 February 2018 at G Art Gallery, Link Bridge at level 1,  and the artworks are available for view and sale until 30th April 2018 contact the concierge on the ground floor should you be interested. If you are around in Penang make sure to pay “Treasures of a Straits Chinese” by Tiffany Choong a visit as this exhibition is NOT one to miss!

By Mojdeh Zarbakhsh