The SeaShorts film festival was first held last year. Festival Director Tan Chui Mui gathered filmmakers from the region, programmers, festival guests and also audience from different corners to celebrate the culture of watching short films together, and showed over one hundred films. This year SeaShorts moves to Penang, in conjunction with the George Town Festival, and will be held from August 1st to 5th, at Hin Bus Depot and Bangunan UAB.

Luckily for those of us who sometimes become overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of things to go, see and appreciate during George Town Festival, SeaShorts is also previewing some of the films at Hin Bus Depot’s weekly Tuesday outdoor film screenings during the month of July, although the GTF SeaShorts will show many different ones too. 

The programme is below, the films begin at 8pm each week, and there is no entry charge. You can also contact Hin Bus Depot at for more details if you can’t read these images well (it was the best copy we could get!).

Tuesday 3rd July


The first Tuesday (July 3rd) showcases seven films from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia




Tuesday 10th July


The second Tuesday (July 10th) will be six short films from Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar.



Tuesday 17th July


The third Tuesday (July 17th) will be six short films from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam




Tuesday 24th July


On Tuesday 24th July “Fragment” will be screened, an omnibus film with ten stories by South-East Asian independent film makers from across the region. 







Tuesday 31st July


And finally, on Tuesday 31st will be “Letters from the South”, a collection of six short films about the experience of overseas Chinese people in Southeast Asia.


You can find more details about the George Town Festival version of SeaShorts at SeaShorts is supported by funding from the Japan Foundation and Sime Darby, and also through crowdfunding. Details on how to support them can also be found here: