As an artist, Si Jie Loo is one to be admired. And much of what makes her worthy of admiration is distilled in “Physical Meditation”, an exhibition as tender as the traditional yet contemporary infused music that is played in the background at Hin Bus Depot. The artist’s work is influenced by her personal perceptions of the world. Physical Meditation is a visual representation of the way the world appears to Si Jie Loo. It offers the viewer a window from which to see the world the way it appears to the artist herself.

The pieces vary in size however, from the Monastic Landscape to the Explosion and the I Summon, they all share a sense of precision and fineness of detail. This effect is evident in the diverse use of painting methods. In some pieces, the artist applies paint thickly and precisely within outlines in a way that shows the effort is deliberate. Yet in other pieces she thins her oils and uses watercolor with such delicate and consistent manner that brings a relaxed softness to her art.

Coming from an eastern background and graduating in the US, the artist explains that this collection is her first try in bridging the heritage of the eastern world to that of the western. Using a variety of techniques and painting materials, her undeniable success in fulfilling this purpose is satisfying.


Physical Meditation does not represent one strict culture, religion or value. The artist insists on emphasizing the importance of diversity in arts of all sort. This is apparent even in the uniquely diverse music that is played in the background.

The overall collection successfully captures different perspectives on spiritual values and qualities in life. The artist makes a firm statement by finishing the collection with her remarkable A Door into the Future, implying that the highest level of our spiritual understandings is yet to come. As a viewer, you leave the exhibition with an strangely incredible sense of satisfaction, in that it causes you to look a little closer and helps you see what is and has been there but perhaps not easily perceived.

The art works are available for display until 4th of February, every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm, and every Monday to Friday from 12pm to 8pm at Hin Bus Depot, Jalan Gurdwara. More information at and at

By Mojdeh Zarbakhsh