One of the most interesting exhibitions running throughout the George Town Festival this year is “Penang Then and Now”. Entrepot Publishing, a local book publisher, is giving us a sneak preview of a book they plan to launch later this year.

The book, like the exhibition, shows old photographs of Penang amassed by Entrepot and dating back up to 140 years, and compares them with photos of contemporary Penang, taken from the same viewpoint wherever possible, so
that the enormous changes, as well as the continuities, are easily visible.

Adjacent to each photographic pairing is a meticulously researched short explanation about the location and the history of the changes that have been made.

The exhibition runs until August 28th, and is upstairs at Black Kettle on the corner of Beach Street and Chulia Street, which opens at 8.30am and stays open until late at night daily.