Por Mis Bigotes

After last year’s first ever Mexican Film festival in Penang, movie fans are delighted that the festival is back again this year, from April 2nd until 6th, with screenings every evening at 8pm in penangpac’s Stage 2. Each of the five successful Mexican films will be shown with English subtitles.

Movie fans will know that the “Golden Age of Mexican Cinema” was back in the 1930s-1960s. At the turn of this century, Mexican films made global news again, with the brilliant Y Tu Mamá También and Amores Perros. You may not know it, but Mexican directors won the Oscar Award for Best Director for three years in a row in 2013, 2014 and 2015, for Gravity, Birdman and The Revenant. But there is much more about Mexican cinema that remains unknown outside Mexico, and certainly here in Penang. The Embassy of Mexico in Kuala Lumpur is trying to change that. 

Ella y el Candidato


On Monday April 2nd, the Festival begins with Ilusiones SA , the 2015 story of a company that makes people’s dreams come true and how it helps a grandfather with the illusions he has of his wife. On Tuesday April 3rd, El Comienzo del Tiempo (The Beginning of Time) is a 2014 film that was named as best film at the 2015 Beijing International Film Festival, and won the Málaga Film Festival award for best Latin American movie. It is a dark tale of an elderly couple in their nineties thrown into poverty during a financial crisis choosing between selling their belongings and peddling tamales on the street or turning to crime. On Wednesday 4th, 2011’s Ella y el Candidato (The Candidate and Her) is a political drama about toll on a candidates’s family life when he decides to run for president a second time.

El Comienzo del Tiempo

On Thursday 5th, Por mis bigotes (Ulises and the 10,000 Mustaches) is an entertaining 2015 comedy about a little nine-year-old boy who suddenly grows a moustache, becomes a local celebrity and sets off a chain of extraordinary events. The Festival closes with Pedro Páramo a 1967 Mexican classic drama about the search of a son for his father during the chaotic times of the Mexican Revolution and the early 1900s.


For more information, see www.penangpac.org or contact penangpac at +604-899 1722 / 2722.