Opened this past weekend, the new exhibition at Keeni Kessler Gallery is definitely worth a visit. The nine sculptures on display demonstrate technical and artistic capability rarely seen.

The welding is of impeccable quality and Aboud has successfully manipulated a material which is notoriously difficult to work with into sculptures of fluid imagination. 




The artist, Aboud Fares graduated with a BA in Sculpture from Damascus University in 2010. He moved to Penang two years ago and is now based here where he works in his private workshop using iron to form abstract works in a multi-layered and spontaneous way to create something vibrant and beautiful. He has exhibited his work in a number of group and solo exhibitions previously.

Prices range from RM 4000 to RM 6000, and a number of the pieces were sold during the opening weekend but remain on display until the exhibition closes on June 23rd.

Keeni Kessler Gallery is open daily (except Thursday) from 3pm until 7pm, and is located at 21 Nagore Road. Contact for more information.