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The Jade Emperor God’s Birthday, February 4th 2017

The 9th day of Chinese New Year, is also known the Jade Emperor God’s birthday, and is celebrated the night before on a grand scale by the Hokkien clan to commemorate their forefathers escape from ancient China and as the first day of Hokkien New Year. Centred around Chew Jetty on Weld Quay, it is one […]

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George Town Literary Festival – 25th-27th November

This coming weekend sees Penang host its 6th edition of the George Town Literary Festival. With panelists, writers, moderators, poets, filmmakers and performers coming from all over the world, Penang has never had such depth and quality promoting the literary arts. Inspired by the Welsh word “hiraeth”, the festival’s theme aims to discuss and explore […]

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European Union Film Festival, November 3rd-9th

For seventeen years now, every year the European Union Film Festival has been bringing a selection of films to Malaysia. A rare chance to see something other than the usual big budget crowd-pleasing block busters on the big screen, this year’s festival will run in Penang at Gurney Plaza’s GSC cinemas from November 3rd until 9th. […]

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Annual Harvest Festival, 2nd October 2016

On 25th September 2016, Best Coast Brew Distribution, bringing in craft beer from Coronado Brewing Company in America, was hosted by Gusto Cafe in Penang’s first Annual Harvest Festival. Judging by the roaring success on the 25th, Penangites are eagerly awaiting its follow up on Sunday 2nd October 2016. Drinking from 12 noon is always fun, […]

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Moved by Padi, August 27-28

Honouring green swaths of paddy might seem to be clutching at straws as a basis for a performance act. But, if you think about it, it holds more meaning than may appear at first glance. In East and Southeast Asia, paddy fields and their crop – rice – are an integral part of the region’s […]

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Chekara, Jalal y Gabaldon (2)

Chekara, August 19th and 20th

Chekara combines flamenco dance with the Andalusian music of Morocco known as al-ala, which originated in the courts of Seville, Granada and Córdoba during the Golden Age of Al-Andalus (9th-13th centuries)- a time when Muslims, Christians and Jews coexisted in southern Spain. With its haunting tunes, rhythmic beats, and passionate voices, Chekara preserves the rich […]

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