Malaysian artist Chong Fei Giap’s new solo exhibition at the G Art Gallery at the G Hotel on Gurney will bring him the recognition he deserves here in Penang.

Only 29 years old, he struggled against the prejudices of his traditional family in Seremban to build a career for himself as an artist and illustrator, and has recently won Malaysia’s Top 10 Outstanding Creative Youth Award,  Top 10 Digital Artist Award and Top 10 Talented Malaysian Artist Award.

His creative studio has a client list that includes Petronas, KFC, Panasonic and Toyota.

The exhibition showcases twenty of his whimsical works, which place manga-style characters against stylised Asian cityscapes, many of them with recognisable elements of Malaysian architecture.

In these digitally painted canvas prints, Fei Giap transforms the cityscapes into fantasy worlds that are suffused with a feeling of innocence and hope. They are colourful, optimistic visions of Malaysian city living that are sadly rare to come across in most young artists’ works.

The exhibition runs until May 2nd at the G Art Gallery on the first floor of the G Hotel on Gurney Drive, and are accessible to view 24 hours a day.