Currently there is a stunning ensemble of animal related art from Ryan Ng adorning the walls of the G Hotel Art Gallery until 31st October 2019. Ryan Ng, though only 19 years of age and just starting university, has already developed his skill level to extraordinary heights. At the opening night he shared some great anecdotes of just how dedicated he is, including a time when he was so focused on his work that he mistook turpentine for water and drank a whole glass of it. This charming young man is a rare jewel, both incredibly skilled with painting and with people, and he has a great future ahead of him in the art world.

The work itself demonstrates beautifully that Ryan is inspired by both Asian and European influences. There are stunning lifelike studies of animals, with every hair accounted for by a mark made at just the right speed and with just the right confidence. Alongside these are traditional Chinese ink paintings, demonstrating again great confidence and skill with his media. My favourite pieces however, reminded me of the photographer Étienne-Jules Marey, and simultaneously Giacomo Balla’s painting “Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash”. In Ryan’s charcoal studies one can see the movement of each animal and he has drawn it by smudging the charcoal with his own fingers onto the paper. It is difficult to demonstrate speed on a 2D piece of paper, but Ryan has masterfully rendered their movements.

Most of the pieces were sold on opening night, so any latecomers will have missed this opportunity to start collecting whilst his work is not too expensive. I feel very confident that this young man will quickly become an internationally recognized artist. He has now gone to study in Perth for now, but will be back regularly and there will be many more shows to come.

G Art Gallery is a contemporary gallery set in the G Hotel on Gurney Drive, next to Gurney Plaza mall. To find it go in through the main entrance, turn right, and take the lift to the first floor. From the turn left and you can see it right away. It has huge beautiful glass windows that let in the light and while the space is small, it attracts some very high quality artists and they have regular exhibitions.

The exhibition is open to the public 7 days a week from 10am-10pm.

By Lusy Koror