It’s a wonderfully improbable Penang story. Syiok Sendiri was intended to be a one-off ‘just for fun’ comedy show for Christmas back in 2014, but proved to be such a hit with both local and international audiences, despite the non-English Language segments of every performance, that it just keeps on coming back. Now in its 7th installment, we will be treated to the Syiok Sendiri : Halloween Spooktacular! at penangpac at Straits Quay from 13-15 October.  

Syiok Sendiri! draws most of its inspiration from the Malaysian way of life. “What Malaysians go through every day is an endless source of comedic material! It stretches one’s creativity and imagination!” said creator and director John S. de Silva. 3 years later, Syiok Sendiri! can still reinvent the wheel and stay fresh.

It is fabulously and refreshingly un-politically correct, just as good satirical comedy should be. It encourages everyone to laugh at the idiocies and idiocyncracies of daily life in Malaysia, and Malaysians laughing together at themselves is a sign of the real ground roots desire of people to move forward together, regardless of the national climate. 

Syiok Sendiri! is life, or rather, a parody of it; and in life there is no sugar coating stuff”, said de Silva. The director also added that show does not aim to be a brilliant piece of ‘art’ as it places greater importance in making sure its audience and fans have a good time. “Please don’t come to the show expecting to take home any sort of message. Just come, laugh, and have fun!” said de Silva.

This installment goes with the Halloween theme: Ghosts, spirits, demons. We fear them, write stories about them, and make films about them. But are they more scary than the politicians, mother-in-laws, hipsters, and rude supermarket salesgirls we face in reality? You get the idea.

In this installment, the comedy-variety show features Daniel de Silva, Kabilan M.D., Muha Mesri, Sotorng Lim, Christopher Preslar, and Kanchana Mala. There are theree shows, at 8.30pm on Friday 13th, Saturday 14th, and Sunday 15th October. Tickets are priced at RM40 and are available at penangpac’s Box Office (04-899 1722 / 2722) and at

For Mature Audiences only, in every sense of the word…