Not so very long we wrote about the recent renaissance of the Penang stand up comedy scene, and the now regular monthly Comedy Gold shows at Kim Haus. There is definitely something in the air: local theatre penangpac has decided to launch its own stand up comedy club too. Following an open call last month, four Penang-based comedians have been selected to go on stage for the penangpac Comedy Club’s inaugural show on April 17th 2019. So who are these first four comedians who are kicking off the penangpac Comedy Show?



Tommes was until recently known in Penang only as “Chef Tommes”, the guy from the Asian Food Channel with his long running TV series “Chalk and Cheese” and restaurant “That Little Wine Bar”, who drives to the market on his ridiculously loud Harley. But Tommes has many strings to his bow, and has worked as a painter, sculptor, novelist, poet, musician, playwright, and occasional stand-up comedian in New York and Los Angeles. Finally, after 10 years in Penang, he has hung up his kitchen knives and is testing the Malaysian waters as a comedian. He is a member of the Little Art House Comedy Group.





Vijay is a small town boy, born and raised in Penang.He took a midnight KTM train going anywhere.He joined Penang Players and met strangers who became friends, doing dramatized book readings, stage acting. He exhibited his artwork at Penang Pac, and has done prop design and construction for musicals. Now he has joined the stand-up comedy world. He says he is looking forward to a future of smoky rooms,  smelling of wine and cheap perfume, and bringing a laugh and a smile to the faces of the strangers looking at him on stage.



Leon Bukowski

Leon Bukowski is the creative director of the  Penang Players Improv Club. He has taught and delivered Improv Comedy in the UK and Malaysia. As for standup he has performed at the Frog and Bucket Comedy Club Manchester, the Dragon Club in Liverpool, the Comedy Balloon in Manchester and the Playhouse Theatre Liverpool. In 2008 he performed live on stage for Liverpool Comedy Festival with Jimmy Carr. In Malaysia he has worked on the Stand Up show at Little Art House and is working to bring more live comedy to Penang. He has worked as a radio show host, been on several game shows and appeared as an extra on TV in the UK. He is also a published writer and poet.



Garu is well-known in the Penang stand-up comedy scene. He started performing stand-up back in 2016 with Say It Like You Mean It, a George Town-based mentorship program. He went on to perform at the George Town Literary Festival 2016 and the Butterworth Fringe Festival 2017. He performed at the Konsert Kopitiam for the George Town Festival in both 2017 and 2018. Garu is a member of the Penang Players Improv Club, and the Little Art House comedy group, and he is currently the opener for Comedy Gold, Penang’s only monthly stand-up comedy show.



The fun will begin at 8.30pm on April 17th.

Tickets cost RM 15 per person and can be obtained from the penangpac box office or by calling 04 899 1722.