If you like Cirque de Soleil you will like this. Seven artists juggling, dancing, prancing, hanging from ropes, balancing on hands and heads …

Canadian  troupe Les 7 Doigts de la Main  perform mind-boggling tricks that blur the lines between contemporary dance and acrobatics, between theatre and athleticism and also use interactive multi-media to make this a feast for the eyes. Elements of Chinese traditional acrobatics meld with contemporary ballet moves and create a quite astonishing array of visual and physical near-impossibilities.

The troupe have been successfully putting their own new spin on the usual acrobatics since they formed in 2002. Drawing from their decades of performing on the road and in the ring, these friends and colleagues shared a desire to break the mould, and to offer a brand new form of circus performance.

One piece, a duet, looks at the effects of gravity on moving bodies.

In another, a quintet of virtuoso hand balancers search for absolute control of gravity, testing the relationship between stillness and movement.

And dreamlike and nonsensical, Nocturnes, subtly mixes circus and dance, freeing eight artists of their physical constraints.

The Tryptique p erformances are on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August at 8.30pm at Dewan Sri Pinang on Light Street.

Tickets are available at the George Town Festival Office on Armenian Street or via http://redtix.airasia.com/events/TRIPTYQUE and range in price between RM 25 for students, and RM 125 for the best seats in the house.