Tang Yeok Khang celebrates his 5th Solo exhibition this month, entitled “Moment”It is being held at Galeri Seni Mutiara on Armenian Street. The artworks range in price at about RM6000 in price, which is reasonable for someone of his standing in the art community.

The works in this exhibition are a snapshot of his family life, but not in such an obvious way. He combines the elements of well-proportioned figures with recognizable scenes of George Town and its heritage properties. These create an interesting juxtaposition with which to work a composition.

Tang shared with us at the opening ceremony that he mostly works intuitively, often starting with just a blank canvas and playing with shapes and colours until a form appears. This is also visible by the layers and textures of the paints, and he takes advantage of techniques such as underpainting and scraffito. The colours in this show are mixed. They are either classic neutral tones or violent acid, and according to Tang himself, the colours represent his mood at the time of painting the work.

A highlight of the show is the small children getting ready for school in the morning light. I particularly enjoyed the blue hues where the sunlight bounces off the heritage wall in this piece. I also really enjoyed the watercolour nudes that were at the back, especially the standing females. His strength and confidence with his line is very compelling in the more simple studies.

This is an interesting exhibition that explores the moments in the artist’s life, which seem to be full of joy and family. That is a wonderful thing to behold.

Tang Yeok Khang’s  5th Solo Exhibition, “Moment” is at Seni Mutiara Gallery on Armenian Street until November 25th 2018. The gallery opening hours are 11am until 6pm daily.

By Lusy Koror