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Tales from the Jamban, December 13th-16th 2018

We are big fans of Fa Abdul, who describes herself as “Storyteller. Playwright. Columnist. TV Scriptwriter. Producer. Facebooker. Photographer. Loner.” Her deeply insightful commentaries about the Malaysian psyche are what make her now long-running “Tales” series of plays so funny and yet so thought-provoking at the same time. Over the last year or two we […]

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Tang Yeok Khang’s Moment, Until November 25th 2018

Tang Yeok Khang celebrates his 5th Solo exhibition this month, entitled “Moment”. It is being held at Galeri Seni Mutiara on Armenian Street. The artworks range in price at about RM6000 in price, which is reasonable for someone of his standing in the art community. The works in this exhibition are a snapshot of his family […]

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Tang Hon Yin Retrospective, Until Jan 31st 2019

This exhibition is a retrospective showing the entire career of Datuk Tang Hon Yin, a local Penangite who has been painting since he was young. It spans over two floors as you investigate 7 decades and is well worth the hike upstairs from the basement to the third floor. One of the highlights of the […]

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George Town Literary Festival, Nov 22-25 2018

The George Town Literary Festival, founded only in 2011, has already become a cornerstone of Penang’s annual creative calendar. So well-organised that at this year’s London Book Awards it won  “The International Excellence Award for a Literary Festival’, this year the Festival has also created a jam-packed schedule of book launches, workshops and conversations with […]

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Menganyam Ronda Petang by Rosezienna Shika Anak Kelambu

Spotlight Group Exhibition, Until December 3rd 2018

This show sets out to showcase upcoming talent from all over Malaysia. Launched as a competition by the Penang Art District, submissions were few but of a fairly good quality. The judges ranged from a plethora of different backgrounds but were able to spot the most promising and I agree with a lot of their […]

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Lyrical Abstraction, Until January 31st 2019

Richard Wong is a Malaysian Artist from KL. This exhibition is the result of research made in 2009 during a trip to the Canadian Rockies and stems from his love of listening to and being within nature. He described nature as having its own “music”, and chose the title “Lyrical Abstraction” to describe his visual […]

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