Syiok Sendiri! is inspired by the Malaysian way of life, a way of life which provides the director with an endless source of comedic material. This satirical comedy-variety show, after three years, and now in its 6th iteration, is still very fresh, and very funny.

Although the director, John Shebat de Silva, humbly claims that the show does not aim to be a brilliant piece of ‘art’ , the audiences might disagree. Its clever and affectionate parodies of Malaysian stereotypes ensure its audience and fans have a good time, and laugh…a lot! In an age of political correctness, Syiok Sendiri! is the absolute opposite, and has audiences falling off their chairs with laughter as it pokes fun at familiar issues: politics, celebrity, sexuality, race relations and everything in between, as experienced here in Malaysia. de Silva hopes: “If we can laugh even at ourselves, then that is a true sign of openness and readiness to move forward, together” .

Syiok Sendiri! is also a welcome showcase for the comedic talent of local actors, and this time features Daniel de Silva, Muha Mesri, Lalitha, Sotorng Lim, Kabilan M.D., Grayden Goon, Kanchana Mala, and Christopher Preslar.

In addition, this 6th instalment has a worthy aim, to raise funds for a non-profit organisation – Cancer Research Malaysia, which will receive 50% of the proceeds from the ticket sales. 

The show will be performed at stage 1, penangpac for 1 night only, June 3rd 2017.







The lowest price tickets are already sold out but there are still some available at RM 60, RM 80, and RM100. Tickets can be purchased at penangpac’s Box Office (open 10am – 6:30pm

daily) or online via