Uplands School at the Crag, circa 1956, Donald Ranard Collection

Penang Hill – A Journey Through Time began life as Penang-based author Mike Gibby’s exploration of the history of the hiking trails of the hills, expanded to include the history of the hill bungalows, and ultimately grew into an all-embracing and far-reaching illustrated history of Penang Hill.

Mike’s comprehensive book will appeal to anyone who has plodded their way meditatively along a hill trail, or been driven in a buggy along Summit Road, while asking themselves questions – what are these enormous boulders made from? Who lived in that bungalow and where does its name come from? Why are the hiker rest stops called “84” and “46”? What was the original purpose of the structure here, which is now just a pile of rubble strewn over the jungle floor? Penang Hill – A Journey Through Time contains the answers to all of these, and many more facts and anecdotes which will delight anyone susceptible to the charm of Penang’s Great Hill.

Lomond, by J.T. Ponse 1895, National Museum van Wereldculturen Leiden

Mike will officially launch his book, published by Entrepot Publishing, with a talk which will cover his favourite Penang Hill facts and anecdotes, taken from his extensive research into the Hill’s geology, bungalow architecture, conservation, the Hill’s development as health resort, attempts to develop tourism, colonial era politics and finances, the ups-and-downs of the Hill Railway, the European-only policy, the second world war, life under the curfew during the Emergency, the experiences of Hainanese domestic workers on the Hill, and much more. His talk will include photographs from the hundreds in his book, many of which have

Mike Gibby speaking about Penang Hill to a packed crowd last year

never been previously published.



The audience for the talk will be limited to 100 people . Register via this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/book-launch-penang-hill-a-journey-through-time-by-mike-gibby-tickets-35530360264

The talk will take place on Sunday August 6th at 3pm at Bangunan UAB, 21-35 China Street Ghaut.
Sun, August 6, 2017