Penang-based architect Tan Yeow Wooi has exploited the panorama function of his digital camera to create unfamiliar and highly distorted images of well-known buildings in Penang and elsewhere.

The exhibition’s name, like the book of the images that has been simultaneously published, is a contraction of “panic” and “panorama”, intended to refer to a sense of unease that viewers might experience while looking at these.

This viewer experienced no unease, but found the photos very creative, expertly executed, and loved the sense of humour that had suggested the title “Crooked” for the photo here to the right.

The exhibition will be open until August 28th. Opening hours for the temporary gallery space in which it is held are Tuesday-Friday 12pm-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-8pm. It is closed on Mondays.

The gallery address is 161 Beach Street, opposite Cheah Kong Si, and admission is free.

Tan Yeow Wooi’s full-colour book of seventy of these images was launched at the same time as the exhibition, and is available for sale at GerakBudaya book shop on Pitt Street for RM 50.