Yaron Kohlberg & the Penang Philharmonic Orchestra, August 10th & 11th 2018

During this year’s George Town Festival the Penang Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO) will be playing with two incredibly talented young musicians, including the celebrated ‘Pianist With The Golden Hands’, Israeli Yaron Kohlberg. Kohlberg, who now lives in China, has a long list of accolades attached to his name, having played in major halls over five continents  […]

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Still Beautiful, Until August 5th 2018

The success of Karyn Leong’s mission to empower women through her photography was immediately obvious at the opening of her exhibition ‘Still Beautiful’ at 147 Lorong Kelawai this weekend. Many of the women featured had come to see the pictures and were clearly very moved by the whole show. Beyond being an exhibition, the event […]

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Puppets in the Park – August 2018

Throughout this year’s George Town Festival, there are a few series with events in each week. One of the series we think looks both promising and fun is the puppetry series, which will be staged in Armenian Park. There will be four different shows, with three (arguably four) different countries of origin and so the […]

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Ensemble Q, August 3rd 2018

Ensemble Q is an impressive collective of musicians who’s self proclaimed purpose is to showcase and develop talent within the Australian classical music scene. The group seems to be characterised by the members passion for chamber music and their desire to ensure it thrives in the future. This can be seen in the fact that […]

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