ASEAN Film Showcase: Innocents, August 21st

The George Town festival series of screenings of films by important South East Asian directors continues with “Innocents” on August 21st. Singaporean director Wong Chen-Hsi will be conducting a short talk following the film. She won the award for best Director, Asian New Talent with the film at the Shanghai International Film Festival in June […]

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Panicrama, Until August 28th

Penang-based architect Tan Yeow Wooi has exploited the panorama function of his digital camera to create unfamiliar and highly distorted images of well-known buildings in Penang and elsewhere. The exhibition’s name, like the book of the images that has been simultaneously published, is a contraction of “panic” and “panorama”, intended to refer to a sense […]

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Penang Then and Now, Until August 28th

One of the most interesting exhibitions running throughout the George Town Festival this year is “Penang Then and Now”. Entrepot Publishing, a local book publisher, is giving us a sneak preview of a book they plan to launch later this year. The book, like the exhibition, shows old photographs of Penang amassed by Entrepot and dating back […]

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Chekara, Jalal y Gabaldon (2)

Chekara, August 19th and 20th

Chekara combines flamenco dance with the Andalusian music of Morocco known as al-ala, which originated in the courts of Seville, Granada and Córdoba during the Golden Age of Al-Andalus (9th-13th centuries)- a time when Muslims, Christians and Jews coexisted in southern Spain. With its haunting tunes, rhythmic beats, and passionate voices, Chekara preserves the rich […]

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Liar's Walk

George Town – A Liar’s Walk – August 15th

George Town’s historical and architectural heritage is best discovered on guided walking tours, of which one of our favourites is the George Town Night Trail (see Last year, during George Town festival, we had the opportunity to experience another great walking tour – A Liar’s Walk. Fortunately for us, this year again We Are Artists […]

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Love:Joy:Peace – Sacred Music Concert – August 7th

This concert of sacred music will take place, appropriately enough, in the beautiful Church of the Assumption, and will raise funds for its ongoing restoration. The Messenger Choir will perform music from the Baroque era up until the  Contemporary period, including some pieces from Asian and New Zealand composers. There will be solos, duets, chamber choir, female choir, male […]

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