Honouring green swaths of paddy might seem to be clutching at straws as a basis for a performance act. But, if you think about it, it holds more meaning than may appear at first glance.

In East and Southeast Asia, paddy fields and their crop – rice – are an integral part of the region’s way of life. More than that, the spirit (semangat) of paddy and rice is a foundation that dates back generations, central to the region’s cultural way of life and strengthening human relations around the breakfast, lunch and dinner table.


Moved By Padi, a multi-arts collaborative project led by Malaysia’s leading choreographer and dancer Aida Redza, aims to display a contemporary reinvention of rituals and communal celebrations around Asia’s staple, praising it as the very source of existence and self. On a paddy field behind Macallum Street, Redza and her collaborators will present a combination of visuals, installations, music and dance for this experimental performance.

For those that do depend on rice, and the paddies that grow it (which Malaysians certainly do), this performance is a must-see, if only to make one think about something potentially overlooked in a unique and imaginative way.

Date: 27 August 2016 – 28 August 2016
Time: 08:30 PM – 10:00 PM
Venue: Gat Lebuh Macallum
Contact: info@georgetownfestival.com / 04-2616308