Exhibition at The Art Gallery

The artist with the gallery owners

Lee Long Looi (75), from Alor Star Malaysia, a highly acclaimed artist on the international circuit, came from his home in the USA to Penang to show some of his master pieces from the last 45 years of painting, at The Art Gallery in Pulau Tikus, until April 30th.
It really is a time travel through art. The forty pieces on show embrace a spectrum of techniques that make you wonder whether there is anything he can’t do. The exhibition ranges from batik-inspired pieces to early Picasso-esque work to etheral watercolours, oils, pastels and acrylics. There is a wonderful use of light and colours, of perspectives and compositions that make the exhibition a truly magival experience. According to the artist :” I love to paint … every artwork has to be fresh and I love to see beyond the surface of a painting, to seek out messages and metaphors, beyond the obvious.”
You can share the joy – and sometimes the irony – that Looi experienced when he composed his work just by looking at them. The paintings feel light, but you can sense that there is no room for coincidence in the composition. It all just makes sense – which is why you are so drawn into them while admiring them.
Lee Long Looi
Lee Long Looi Mini Retrospective
Until April 30th 2016
By appointment only
The Art Gallery
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Pulau Tikus
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