This exhibition, newly opened at ChinaHouse Art Space, comprises 100 works on paper by Malaysian artist Rebecca Duckett-Wilkinson. The pieces deal generally with women, their bodies,  & sexuality, and attitudes around these in Malaysia in general and in the Malaysian media. In addition to the paintings there are lines of poetry and words.

The works, some large, some small, some in exuberant colours, some in black and white, make an impressive body of work which completely fills the wall space of ChinaHouse’s Art Space. Her passion for the subject is abundantly clear; nevertheless it is an extraordinary feat for Rebecca to have produced so many paintings in the short time since she began working on the series in her studio in Italy in only June of this year. Perhaps the physical distance from Malaysia and the tranquility of the Italian countryside was the catalyst she needed for this creative eruption.

Rebecca’s inspiration was a connection she identified between the language used in sex and in botany, and this was an opportunity to set down her thoughts on perceptions of women and girls, censorship, folklore, and language used in reference to women and environment. She also addresses concerns about sex education standards in Malaysia, the behaviour of local policing to women, menopause and ageing, child marriage, and female genital mutilation.

Forbidden Fruit is at ChinaHouse Art Space until December 8th 2019. Opening hours are 10am until 1pm daily.