Anarchist street artist Fauzan Fuad is back in Penang with an exhibition of his work at ChinaHouse Art Space I until November 12th. Although this is his first solo exhibition, Fauzan has been involved with the Penang street art Urban Exchange programme since 2014. 


Born in 1987 in Kuala Lumpur, where he is still based, Fauzan has been painting full-time since 2009. He is also a keen skateboarder, and his montage of printed skateboards is a kind of fanzine dedicated to this action sport.




Many of his paintings are very abstract and Fauzan himself acknowledges the naive, child-like approach he uses to express his feelings about his life and environment.





Yet others are more complex, multi-layered, brightly-coloured and hinting at a story unfolding within the canvas, but one which Fauzan insists you must work out for yourself. This one to the left is part of a duo which were painted after the artist returned from his first visit to New York City. They reflect his experience of returning to the relaxed and laid-back Malaysian lifestyle after being immersed in the hectic vibe of Manhattan.

Fauzan Fuad can be seen ChinaHouse Art Space I, Beach Street, from 10am until 10pm daily, until November 12th. All pieces are for sale with prices ranging from RM 600 to RM 4,200. You can see more of the artist’s exhibited and commissioned work at