Helping Hands

Charles Stephen Ramachandran is a man of many talents. The freestyle artist from Penang in his exhibition “Coming Around” makes a solid statement with 40 heartily humorous acrylic on canvas paintings, proving how sometimes it is better to paint by heart and not by sight! The exhibition, hosted by G Art Gallery- G Hotel Gurney, is inspired by the artist’s daily life experiences. Far from banal, Charles translates the energy flow, abstract movement and textures captured from his circle of experiences into artistic humour. Regardless of how skilled he is, Charles is a firm believer of resourcefulness and hard work over talent. When stricken by colour blindness, this optimistic self-taught artist persuaded an artistic career through perseverance, trial and error.


Charles really does it all! He is a hairstylist by profession, a self-taught artist, stand up comedian and a yoga instructor on the side. When asked about the source of inspiration for “Coming Around” the artist said “ I try to capture and paint the flow of energy and its unseen movements from my circle of experiences, from hairdressing to yoga to the familiar shapes, textures and the sense of humour in all that I come across”. Like every great artist that has ever lived, his passion for the arts goes back to his childhood. And like all the best people in the world, he has never lost touch with his humorous inner child. His speech at the opening day of the exhibition, inspired the audience, made them laugh and it did bring a few to tears of emotion. And that only resembles how beautiful of a human being he is.

“Coming Around” gives its audience a fresh and unique experience. The positive atmosphere and colourful pieces of acrylic on canvas, gives the viewer a pleasant feeling and leaves a smile on their faces. Intertwined Existence, Helping Hands, Concordance, Rising Above, Healing Hands, Victorious, Braided Mystiques and Sedentary are only a few of the works showcased by the artist. Close looking is precisely what this exquisite show encourages. It is the details that keep you looking. The closer you look at the “Healing Hands”, the more it surprises you. Walking through the crowed at the opening show, some were whispering and wondering whether those hands holding each other were meant to make a snake and if so, what does that symbolize? And that is how delicate Charles’s works are. He leaves you to anticipation. And you wonder. And if you are lucky enough, you will find the magic.

Mystical Amphora

“Coming Around” is not the end scene of Charles’s array of acrylic on canvas masterpieces. He is currently working on another noteworthy project names “Full Circle”, which will be an awe-inspiring art show featuring 144 pieces of 3.5ft acrylic in canvas paintings, inspired by circles, orbs, bubbles, auras and energy fields. This upcoming project is set to be completed in 4 years time. This humble, self-made artist is set to mesmerize and inspire the inner artist in you.

“Coming Around” art exhibition displays Charles’s works of arts until 31 July 2018 at G Hotel Gurney (168A Persiaran Gurney). The gallery is on the Mezzanine Floor and is open 24 hours a day. The art works are available for sale and the prices are put at the bottom right next to each painting. Make sure to pay this wonderful exhibition a visit and experience an exhibition like none you have ever seen before.

By Mojdeh Zarbakhsh