Ono Kang is a man of many talents. The sculptor and installation artist, who is a native Penangite, showcases his works of art for the very first time at Hin Bus Depot. The exhibition focuses on the artist’s lifelong creative works with sculptures using  different materials and processes. Mr. Kang has been collecting items of furniture, gadgets and even factory machines for a long time and his collection beautifully represents his heritage and the history of his culture. Featuring 10 masterpieces, this exhibition is a personal tribute to his home, his family, his heritage, and his 40 years of living. The sculptures will give visitors a unique experience as well as the opportunity to see art in a different context.

For so long sculpting and installations have been known as the most lonesome branch of arts. However, the fine crafts made by Ono have certainly changed this direction and school of thought for the better. Mr. Kang brilliantly invites the attention of the viewer to what matters most to humanity and reminds us all once again of our roots and our purposes. Among the highlights of the exhibition are Chuan Kui (Breath), Jiap Siew Tao Ji Kui, Balu Ji Kui, Dei Bui Ji Kui (Acceptance), Oui! Che Meh Gu (Oui! I Am A Blind Cow), Chuan Ji Kui, Chuan Tua Kui (Inhale, Exhale) and Gwuei Kuai Goay Xia, Zhu Ew Chuan Kui, Zhu Ew Xneow (Light Is Faster Than Sound, Breath Freely, Let Your Imagination Take Flight). As a visitor, you can expect to leave the gallery with a positive energy and a sense of satisfaction, as the exhibition is built around the themes of breathing, positiveness and hope.

The solo exhibition by Ono Kang, organized by Hin Bus Depot, reshapes viewers’ perspective in relation to the world, to each other and finally back to themselves. In the iconic self-portrait piece “Chuan Kui (Breath)”, the artist aims to expand viewers’ perspectives on breathing. This piece is positioned as a reminder that happiness can be found in the simplest of things. Ono explains, in an era where we are mindlessly led by the increasing demands of socialism and modernization, we often get so caught up in senseless pursuits that we almost take the fact that “to breathe is to live” for granted.  Standing before this masterpiece, one cannot help but surrender to the genius of its creator.

Chuan Ji Kui, Chuan Tua Kui (Inhale, Exhale)

Included in the exhibition are a series of brilliant works that are made from different materials and portray Ono’s extraordinary life journey. Growing up with dyslexia didn’t make life easy for him, yet he strongly believes that hope and a strong will enable us overcome all the negative things that happen to us. In his impressive piece “Chuan Ji Kui, Chuan Tua Kui (Inhale, Exhale)”, there is a prison door with a little window which the viewer can look at it from both sides as a reminder of how thin the border line that defines people’s rights and status is. The artist causes the viewer to imagine standing outside of prison door knowing that they are about to enter and lose their liberty, but as they start to feel frightened, they notice that little window of hope and decide, once again, not to give up.

The works are large scale and complement the setting of the gallery. Make sure to pay this exhibition a visit, take your friends and family, and enjoy experiencing an exhibition like you have never seen before. The exhibition will continue until 27th of May and is free to visit. Sculptures and Installations are available to buy and you may pick up a free catalogue and map as you enter the Hin Bus Depot. The gallery is located at 31A Jalan Gurdwara, 10300, Georgetown and its operating hours are Monday to Fridays 12PM – 8PM and Saturdays and Sundays 11AM – 8 PM.

By Mojdeh Zarbakhsh