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Jet Leang Dance Theatre, June 15th & 16th 2018

Born and raised in Penang, choreographer Jet Leang has returned after years of studying and working in Singapore and  the Netherlands, with a burning desire to run a professional dance company with full-time dancers here. His mission is to put on his stage his own creations but also to introduce the work of other contemporary […]

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Penang Dance Day, Tuesday May 1st 2018

International Dance Day is a global celebration of dance, organised by UNESCO every year on 29th April, the anniversary of the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), the creator of modern ballet. The day aims to encourage participation and education in dance through events and festivals held on the date all over the world. Here in Penang, the […]

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The Italian Restaurant, August 26th & 27th, 2017

The Italian Restaurant is an existential tale telling of a chance meeting between a woman and a man in a restaurant and the forging of their destinies as their hearts become entwined. Provocative symbolism and metaphor creates the tranquil yet chaotic forward momentum for the story, forcing the audience to interpret the unique performance and choreography. […]

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Romain Etienne Hakanai

Hakanai, August 18th and 19th 2017

In Japanese, the word “Hakanai” means ‘impermanent, fragile, evanescent, transitory, and fleeting’, somewhere between dream and reality. Digital art directors Claire Bardainne and  Adrien Mondot have undertaken to illustrate this ancient Japanese concept in their contemporary dance choreography, in which they combine live animation based on physical movements an original music score, and a solo […]

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