The Butterworth Fringe Festival is an annual event that first occurred in 2015 during that year’s George Town festival. It is a public and free street event celebrating art, heritage and culture, aiming to promote the development of both local and international art and putting the spotlight on the mainland Penang community of Butterworth. 

In 2016 and 2015, the Festival included music, exhibitions, workshops and more. In 2017, the Festival will be held over the weekend of August 12th and 13th, from 5pm until 11pm each day, at Jalan Jeti Lama. It has expanded further to include 35 events, promising exciting and family-friendly entertainment, including acrobatics, comedy street art and of course, plenty of food stalls. Check the pinned post on their facebook page for a rather wonderful video preview of what is happening this year:

Street acts include Jack Flash, a comedy routine involving knife juggling skipping, and a handstand finale performed 3.5 metres above the ground; The Great Dave, whose speciality is juggling crockery, The Chaplin Show, in which a talented mime imitates the on-screen legend to hilarious effect. And JP, an Australian artist who brings medieval axes, cute cuddly toy koalas, and comedy chaos together to in a powerful display of skill and improvised performance.

Penang’s own Euphoria Dancers present a cross-cultural outdoor performance by Zamzuriah Zahari and Liu Yong Sean, inspired by a local tale of a Butterworth fisherman. And Sarawakian singer Pete Kallang, best known for his soulful voice and joyful persona, will be on hand to entertain too.


The Australian 360 Allstars, was a sell-out show at both the Adelaide Fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In Butterworth, like the other events, it is free of charge. The show is all about going round in circles, as performed by break dancers, bikers and basketball freestylers.


A Simple Space, who are also performing at the George Town Festival’s main stage at Dewan Sri Penang, will also offer a taster of their extraordinary acrobatic skills and engaging humour at the Butterworth Fringe on Saturday August 12th.

Roots Street Art returns this year with a 20-hour marathon wall art competition by selected artists, and a number of art workshops. Market stalls include a collective of more than 10 independent Malaysian publishing houses, selling publications that cover all genres in both the English and Bahasa Malaysia languages.



On Sunday 13th August, Say It Like You Mean It, a Penang-based organisation which mentors and encourages original music, poetry and comedy performances, is holding two workshops and a show. The first workshop, on Poetry and Pain, is from 10am to 12pm, and is designed to help new writers to access their experiences and express them through poetry.  The second, from 2pm to 4pm, is an Introduction to Comedy, to guide would-be comedians on how to write and tell jokes. The evening offers Buttercan Presents Ghee, from 6pm to 8pm, with original music, comedy, poetry happening in an unassuming little Kopitiam (Kedai Makanan Ho Ho, no. 1, Jalan Bagan Luar 2). For more information contact




The main schedule of events is as follows:

Saturday 12th August

Penang Dhol Blasters (Punjabi drumming) 5.35pm

Jack Flash (Comedy stunt show) 6.20pm

JP Koala (Comedy improvisation with axes and koala bears) 7pm

Potehi – Kisah Pulau Pinang (Glove puppets) 7.45pm

Silat Dulang (Malay martial arts) 8.45pm

A Simple Space (acrobatics) 8.45pm

Diego – The Chaplin Show 9.15pm

Angin Dan Air (Dance about Butterworth fisherman) 9.30pm

360 All Stars (Urban circus) 9.45pm

Great Dave (circus skills and comedy) 10.15pm

Pete Kallang (Sarawakian singer) 10.30pm


Sunday 13th August

Jack Flash (Comedy stunt show) 5pm

JP Koala (Comedy improvisation with axes and koala bears) 5.30pm

Jikey (Malay dance drama) 6pm

Penang Dhol Blasters (Punjabi drumming) 7pm

Potehi – Kisah Pulau Pinang (Glove puppets) 7.45pm

Great Dave (circus skills and comedy) 8.30pm

Silat Dulang (Malay martial arts) 8.45pm

Diego – The Chaplin Show 9pm

Angin Dan Air (Dance about Butterworth fisherman) 9.30pm

360 All Stars (Urban circus) 930pm

Pete Kallang (Sarawakian singer) 10.15pm

More information on other performances and workshops can be found at