Syiok Sendiri : Halloween Spooktacular! October 13th-15th 2017

It’s a wonderfully improbable Penang story. Syiok Sendiri was intended to be a one-off ‘just for fun’ comedy show for Christmas back in 2014, but proved to be such a hit with both local and international audiences, despite the non-English Language segments of every performance, that it just keeps on coming back. Now in its […]

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Charming Street Scenes of Penang, Until October 10th 2017

Charming Street Scenes of Penang by Alex Leong Yim Kuan Established in 1989, The Art Gallery Penang is the brain child of philanthropist and avid art collector Dato’ Dr Tan Chee Khuan and his late wife, Siau Bian. The gallery quickly made a name for itself in Malaysia’s art scene as a prominent art gallery […]

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Tales from The Mamak, September 15th-17th 2017

The Mamak is something quintessentially Malaysian. Of Indian Muslim heritage, the Mamak stall usually serves murtabak, roti canai and nasi kandar, is usually open to the street, and is usually open late or all night. Affordable food, unpretentious atmosphere, and extended opening hours have made them even more popular than Starbucks as a place for […]

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